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Add filters and special effects to your pictures


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Filters for Snapchat is a picture editing tool that helps you add stickers and filters to your pictures to make them even more fun, attractive and unique without having to install other social network apps to do so.

Filters for Snapchat tries to imitate the style of the famous Snapchat filters and it includes a number of accessories that you can add to your pictures, but the process is not the same. Filters for Snapchat doesn’t include a face recognition system or animated images; just eye, ears, mustaches, glasses, hats, and animal snout stickers that you can add and adjust to the pictures you already have on your smartphone. You can also add emoticons, custom texts, and even filters to help you look your best in your pictures.

Using Filters for Snapchat is really easy: pick the picture that you want to edit or just take a picture right then and there, and click on any of the stickers that you want to add to your image. You can find these at the bottom of the screen. Adjust the size of the sticker in the area of the picture where you want to place it to make the effect more realistic. Add phrases and filters to give your message more of an impact. Last step is to click on the ‘save’ button to send your masterpiece to your smartphone’s memory or click on the ‘share’ to show your creation to friends.

To sum it up, Filters for Snapchat is a picture editing app that’s efficient and super easy to use.
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